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is designed to form and store a database of those wanted by law enforcement agencies and for the identification of citizens...



system for law enforcement authorities intended for prompt identification of a person made by way of remote access to a central server from any type of officers work places.



is a automated information storage and retrieval system for detection of persons using forged passports or visas.


Facial identification of citizens applying for national ID’s and passports to reveal individuals wanted by the authorities.



system implements a set of safety measures related to the identification of criminals and terrorists.



system is intended for video surveillance in crowded places.




MIGRANT is a specialised migration flow control biometric information system which forms a complete, reliable, automated personal record of all foreign citizens or stateless persons registered at immigration police stations, allows control to be exercised of the enforcement of entry-exit rules and the disposition of foreign citizens, the analysis of facts regarding illegal migration and the carrying out of prompt data exchange with the Integrated Data Bank of law enforcement authorities.


The MIGRANT system is intended for the automation of all records, digital photographs and the creation of a database on the electronic carriers of foreign citizens and stateless persons at the time of their registration combined with simultaneous identification using databases of photographic images of internationally wanted persons.

This facial recognition system consists of hardware-software units installed at the immigration police stations where documents are received to provide residence permit and documenting stateless persons, as well as registration of foreign citizens. All hardware-software units are combined into a single information network connected to the central server, which is structurally included into the Integrated Data Bank.

At the moment of photographing and registering a foreign citizen by the MIGRANT system, an officer of the immigration police can perform an automatic check in the database of faces images of internationally wanted persons. Information on a foreign citizen entered into the information storage and retrieval system will populate an electronic form and print out a migration card and all logs and registration cards required by the relevant procedure. To the extent required by the procedure the information will be automatically and immediately sent to the appropriate law enforcement divisions through the telecommunication channel.

The locally built databases, synchronised on a daily basis by the telecommunication channels at the state level, can be used by the government agencies concerned in accordance with established access rules. To carry out immigration control within their jurisdiction, the users of the MIGRANT system may include:

Principle of operation

  1) immigration police stations;

  2) operational and investigating authorities;

  3) public security authorities;

  4) traffic police stations;

  5) transport police;

  6) response forces of internal affairs authorities.

If a foreign citizen changes his place of part-time residence, moves through the territory of the state or changes terms or reasons for remaining in the country, the MIGRANT database will be amended and automatically sent out.

If an immigration card or even all documents are lost, no problem will occur in respect of identification of a foreign citizen and a duplicate of the immigration card which contains all necessary data including his photographic image can be issued.


The MIGRANT biometric system allow users to:
  • maintain personal records of registered foreign citizens;
  • check facial images of registered citizen against internationally wanted persons databases;
  • fight illegal migration;
  • assign INs (identification numbers) to nonresident persons who arrive in the country and are subject to     registration with the migration departments;
  • identify foreign citizens who have lost documents;
  • promptly identify a person who has committed, is suspected of or has suffered from a criminal action, and in     cases of post mortem identification;
  • retrieve and detain foreign citizens who are in hiding from the law enforcement authorities;
  • update the public register of taxpayers and objects of taxation for employed foreign citizens.

    Principal of operation


    MIGRANT was created on the basis of cutting-edge biometric technologies and when installed directly in the immigration police stations will reliably contribute to taking effective measures for the prevention of terrorist and extremist activities and drastically changes the procedure for the interrelation of governmental agencies for the control of the migration processes.
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