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is designed to form and store a database of those wanted by law enforcement agencies and for the identification of citizens...



system implements a set of safety measures related to the identification of criminals and terrorists.



system is intended for video surveillance in crowded places.



is intended for the automisation of all records, digital photographs and the creation of a database on the electronic carriers of internationally wanted persons.


Facial identification of citizens applying for national ID’s and passports to reveal individuals wanted by the authorities.



is a automated information storage and retrieval system for detection of persons using forged passports or visas.




IDENTIFICATION is a system intended to be used in the work of law enforcement authorities and capable of a prompt identification of a person by a connection to a central database through a remote workplace.


IDENTIFICATION is intended for:
  • a creation of databases which are used in the process of investigation by a police;
  • biometric checks of a person against existing databases.

A hardware-software unit IDENTIFICATION consists of a central data server and fixed or mobile workplaces of police officers. To make identification of a person, a police officer photographs people of interest for law enforcement authorities using a digital photo camera or a mobile phone camera. Then, taken digital photo images and biographic data are sent to a central server through appropriate communication channels. The server centralizes all kind of databases, for example,
  • Database of issued passports and national ID cards;
  • Database of issued driving licenses;
  • Database of people of interest for law enforcement authorities;
  • Database of wanted criminals.
The automatic identification of a person is made on the central server against aforementioned databases. The central server sends back the result of identification in the form of a list of photo images (with corresponding biographical data) most similar to the picture taken by the police officer. After having received the identification information from the central server, the policeman reviews the results of facial recognition, matches corresponding biographic data with provided one by the person of interest and if necessary takes a decision apropos the following actions according the Law.

The differential peculiarity of the IDENTIFICATION system is an independence of a different structures of databases and a capability to operate with any of them. The IDENTIFICATION system determines the complex of all databases as one whole integrated graphic data bank. Using a universal mechanism of forming miscellaneous queries, the IDENTIFICATION system allows users to get information from different databases – passport DB, DB of wanted criminals, etc., as well local, regional DB, etc. - in a unified interface according to their rights of access and competence through any connection channels – wire, mobile nets, Internet, etc.


A hardware-software unit of a server part which is installed centrally consists of a PC with characteristics not lower than:

for a recognition server:
  • CPU – 1 x Quad-Core Intel® Xeon™ Harpertown E5420 2.5GHz;
  • platform – Intel® 5100 (San Clemente) chipset;
  • RAM – 4Gb DDRII-667MHz;
  • hard disc – 4 х 250Gb SATA 7,2K RPM;
  • monitor – 15”;
  • network adapter – 1 Gbit Ethernet;
  • UPS APC 1500 VA;
  • OS MS Windows 2003 Adv.;
  • MS SQL Server 2000.
for applications server:
  • PC not lower than Pentium III 1000 MHz, RAM 128Mb, video adapter 32 Mb, НDD 40Gb;
  • monitor 15”;
  • communication channel 128Kbit/sec;
  • modem;
  • UPS;
  • OS Windows 2000/XP.
A hardware-software unit of a fixed remote workplace must include:
  • PC not lower than Core 2 Duo E7500 2.93GHz, RAM 2GB, video adapter 32Mb, 320GB HDD;
  • monitor LCD 17”;
  • communication channel 32Kbit/sec;
  • modem;
  • a photo camera providing digital color images of size not less than 640x480 pixels;
  • UPS 700Watt;
  • OS Windows 2000/XP;
  • MS SQL Server 2000.
A hardware-software unit of a remote mobile workplace must include a mobile device (mobile phone) with characteristics not lower than:
  • CPU RISC 150 MHz;
  • OS Symbian v7;
  • Photo camera preferably working in IR diapason providing digital color images of size not less than 640x480 pixels;
  • RAM 3 МВ;
  • Flash card 700 КВ;
  • Communication channel GPRS.

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