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FEBIS-ATM (Face Expert Bank Integrated System Automatic Teller Machine) is a biometric identification system for credit and debit card holders based on facial recognition.

FEBIS Credit

FEBIS-Credit (Face Expert Bank Integrated System Credit) is a facial recognition automated information search and retrieval system. FEBIS-Credit increases the quality of services provided by banks, lowers the risk of irrevocable loans of banks and prevents fraud.

FEBIS Internet Banking

FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING (Face Expert Bank Identification System for Internet Banking) is a biometric identification system for bank clients who conduct their financial operations through the Internet.

Face Expert Bank Integrated System (FEBIS)



FACE EXPERT BANK INTEGRATED SYSTEM (FEBIS) is a multifunctional biometric system for bank client and employee identification based on innovative facial recognition technology.
FEBIS enables the creation of a central database to be performed automatically. The system's database includes personal data (first/last name, date of birth, etc.) and graphical data (photo images) of clients and allows client identification, whilst serving them in any of the bank branches during such processes as issuing plastic cards, opening accounts, withdrawing cash or any other bank service.

Modern methods for structuring and analysing huge amounts of biometric data, unique coding solution and wide recognition of biometric data are the core of the system which shows high accuracy and speed rates within the search results of multimillion record databases in live mode. FEBIS meets the standards of any country or organisation and supports the work of an unlimited number of offices.


FEBIS includes a range of subsystems that provide internal and external security for bank activities and increase the protection level of confidential information and the loyalty of banking customers.

The basic system consists of the following components:
  • FEBIS-Credit
  • FEBIS-Internet Banking
  • FEBIS-Logon
  • Gate Keeper
Implementation of the FEBIS solves a wide range of threats to banking security. The system's progressive structure allows for continuous improvement of the system by functional expansion of each subsystem or the introduction of new systems unrelated to core banking needs. For example, GATE KEEPER is a biometric system for multifunctional access control and management at the bank premises and the bank's outside territory. This system enables access rights for each employee to be regulated.

VIDEOSTREAM is another biometric operational search system aimed at conducting video surveillance accompanied by a function of identification of each facial image caught by the camera. VIDEOSTREAM accurately identifies wanted people when they pass through the system's video surveillance area. Also, the system can automatically notify authorised officials (security service or law enforcement agency) about the location of the identified person.

BIOMETRIC SECRET HOLDER was developed specially to provide high security levels for safe deposit boxes. Access control to safe deposit boxes is provided after the installation of a centralised station, equipped with a digital camera. Access to personal safe deposit boxes is granted only to customers registered in the system.

Each System of FEBIS is a final product ready for use and provides highly efficient security on internal and external levels and the protection of confidential information and valuables for banks. FEBIS products can be used as a complex security system or for additional protection. FEBIS security software and information resources that work on the basis of a unified core generate the functional integrity of FEBIS. The system can be adapted or modified for any bank meeting its needs and request.

FEBIS bank security system

  • Employee and client registration in the system.
  • Database formation.
  • Facial identification.
  • Information verification.
  • Regulation of access rights.
  • Report formation.

The creation of a new security system or the modernisation of an existing security system for the business sector is a pledge of its future successful development. In organising banking activities, the question of security is a significant one. The security system reliability of operation at each level and for each banking activity is a necessity and an important condition. Currently, biometric systems developed for law enforcement agencies are gaining a solid share of the security systems market for the commercial, public and private sectors.

The basis for the FEBIS is a high efficiency facial recognition technology developed specially for the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) of the Russian Federation based on requests for a solution to fighting crime and terrorism.
In order to test the technology, a state inter-departmental commission was created in Kazakhstan. A specific area was created for testing operational information searches by the MIA department in Russia.

В процессе тестирования были получены следующие результаты:

The technical characteristics were based on a Pentium IV / 2.8 GHz / 2 Gb RAM processor using MS Windows 2000/XP.
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