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Face Expert Bank Integrated System (FEBIS©)

FACE EXPERT BANK INTEGRATED SYSTEM (FEBIS) is a multifunctional biometric system for bank client and employee identification based on innovative facial recognition technology.


FEBIS-ATM (Face Expert Bank Integrated System Automatic Teller Machine) is a biometric identification system for credit and debit card holders based on facial recognition.

FEBIS Credit

FEBIS-Credit (Face Expert Bank Integrated System Credit) is a facial recognition automated information search and retrieval system. FEBIS-Credit increases the quality of services provided by banks, lowers the risk of irrevocable loans of banks and prevents fraud.

FEBIS - Internet Banking



FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING (Face Expert Bank Identification System for Internet Banking) is a biometric identification system for bank clients who conduct their financial operations through the Internet.


FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING enables secure management of clients' financial resources (accounts, deposits) and bank financial operations that are being conducted through the Internet. FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING is special software, which doesn't require the installation of any additional specific equipment and is easily integrated with information systems used by banks. The system can be used for both private and business accounts. In order to use this system, the user's PC has to be equipped with a standard web camera.

  • Formation of biometric client database during the process of registration, opening accounts or issuing debit or credit cards.
  • Client identification during the process of registration, opening accounts or issuing debit or credit cards.
  • Client identification whilst authorising access to account management, information exchanges between bank and client or financial operations.
  • Security of client's confidential data from unauthorised Internet access.
  • Report formation as an event journal with photo images of identified users.

A database of the bank's clients and people who had been previously served by the bank is formed as a normal part of the system operation.
A personal biometric card of the client is created when opening an account, having a card issued or other client registration operations (taking loans, deposit, etc.). The personal customer biometric card contains the customer's personal data and facial image.
Each person who applies to the bank to open an account or receive a card is checked through the database with the aim of registering as a new bank client or for identification. The database search is conducted quickly and accurately.
In particular cases, search requests can be done through law enforcement databases.

Serving private accounts
After the registration of a new customer has been accomplished, the user (customer) sets his personal settings (adding identifier, password, making photo image) to manage the account via the Internet. Personal settings data and web camera photo images are sent to the bank's central server where an automatic comparison is made between the user's biometric image and the biometric data of the client registered in the FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING system. Access to the account and other confidential information is granted only if the biometric and personal data are an absolutely match. The user subsequently goes through the process of facial recognition to access his/her account, make financial transactions, and exchange information with the bank.

Serving business accounts
The process of registration and identification for business accounts to obtain remote access rights to their accounts is similar to the private account client registration scheme and identification. In addition to the process of user identification for business account representative making financial operations via the Internet, the FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING system enables the registration and identification of users with assigned rights that differ in terms of confidential level, time, types of financial operations, financial limits, etc.
Access to the bank's Internet resources in order to operate clients' financial transactions is granted only to people registered in the FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING system. The regulation of access rights is set by an authorised representative of the company who obtains administrative priority to register other people in the FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING system.


FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING uses a human facial image that serves as a reliable tool against unauthorised access as it cannot be lost, stolen, forgotten or faked.

FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING easily integrates with other banking systems and doesn't require expenditure for additional special equipment.

FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING can present statistical data on accomplished financial operations and form an event journal with facial images.

FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING can be adapted to the requirements of organisations that operate in any given country.

FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING can operate as a back end with a wide client network.



The technical characteristics were based on a Pentium IV / 2.8 GHz / 2 Gb RAM processor using MS Windows 2000/XP.
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