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Face Expert Bank Integrated System (FEBIS©)

FACE EXPERT BANK INTEGRATED SYSTEM (FEBIS) is a multifunctional biometric system for bank client and employee identification based on innovative facial recognition technology.


FEBIS-ATM (Face Expert Bank Integrated System Automatic Teller Machine) is a biometric identification system for credit and debit card holders based on facial recognition.

FEBIS Internet Banking

FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING (Face Expert Bank Identification System for Internet Banking) is a biometric identification system for bank clients who conduct their financial operations through the Internet.

FEBIS - Credit



FEBIS-Credit (Face Expert Bank Integrated System Credit) is a facial recognition automated information search and retrieval system. FEBIS-Credit increases the quality of services provided by banks, lowers the risk of irrevocable loans of banks and prevents fraud.

The facial recognition system consists of hardware-software units for use by loan offices. FEBIS-Credit is intended for the automation of facial identification processes of borrowers and for the formation of a database. The systems' database consists of the borrower's personal details and their facial images. Use of system allows a noticeably increased level of effectiveness of the bank security agency and accelerates the process of decision-making in granting or refusing loans. FEBIS-Credit easily integrates with traditional bank automated systems such as scoring systems.

The FEBIS-Credit biometric system allows users to:
  1. Form a borrowers' database:
    • The formation of a personal form that includes personal data (first/last name, date of birth, place of work, credit history, etc.);
    • The formation, storage and accumulation of facial images in a database.
  2. Identify people by personal data (e.g. first/last name) and/or by facial image using a debtors' databases.
  3. Automatically form and receive statistical data on people registered in the system.
  4. Work with security agencies of branch establishments, subdivisions and other banks in a unified information space.
  5. Form inquiries on suspicious applicants to the enforcement agencies.
The aim of the FEBIS-Credit biometric system implementation is to solve the following issues:
  • Build an effective system to prevent fraud;
  • Prevent loans being granted to debtors who can't service the loan;
  • Speed up the process of decision-making for granting loans;
  • Lower the risk of bad debts overdue repayments;
  • Increase the quality of the bank credit portfolio.


The database of bank's clients (present or past loan borrowers) is formed during system usage. A personal form is created for each applicant. Each form contains personal data, a facial image and could reflect the credit history of the client (e.g. current payments, advanced repayments, loan refusals, uncleared repayments, etc.)

The system allows a working structure to be set up with local and remote databases with respect to regulated access rights for different bank subdivisions and/or branch establishments, during the process of formation of the unified database.

Scheme of the bank's database formation

A unified database of clients (loan borrowers) can be formed in the Central Server of the Bank Association or any other organization that represents the common interests of banks.

Scheme of centralized database formation

Access rights (full access or partial access) to each client's information will be regulated by the bank's employee who forms or edits the personal form of the client. For example, there is the possibility of forming a database of clients who represent a particular risk group (debtors, fraudsters, people who don't repay loans).
Principle of operation scheme

This scheme shows the principles of operation.

FEBIS-Credit is an information search and retrieval system that permits the fulfillment of search processes using different bank's databases through biometric facial recognition.
Each client who declares a granted loan is checked through the data bases in order to retrieve a credit history and accomplished authentication process. Personal data (first/last name, date of birth, etc.) or facial image can be used as the search settings and the search process is accomplished instantly.

The following example shows the results of a facial recognition search. In this case, the FEBIS-Credit system forms a ranked list of facial images, depending on the level of similarity that was sent to the search database. The credit subdivision operator can then check all the available information about the applicant. The decision to grant a loan is the prerogative of the loan officer.

The results of a facial recognition search

Databases can be set under the conditions of a “signal list”. In the case when the facial image of an applicant coincides with the facial image of a person belonging to a risk group or there is no similar facial image or personal data (last/first name, etc.) an alarm signal automatically activates warning the security agency operator, who makes an appropriate decision. This function is significant for consumer credit outlets as often found in retail establishments process of granting credit to an applicant is considerably simplified.
In specific cases, an applicant identification search request can be done through the databases of law enforcement agencies.


Search speed and facial recognition probability

The technical characteristics were based on a Pentium IV / 2.8 GHz / 2 Gb RAM processor using MS Windows 2000/XP.
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