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Face Expert Bank Integrated System (FEBIS©)

FACE EXPERT BANK INTEGRATED SYSTEM (FEBIS) is a multifunctional biometric system for bank client and employee identification based on innovative facial recognition technology.

FEBIS Credit

FEBIS-Credit (Face Expert Bank Integrated System Credit) is a facial recognition automated information search and retrieval system. FEBIS-Credit increases the quality of services provided by banks, lowers the risk of irrevocable loans of banks and prevents fraud.

FEBIS Internet Banking

FEBIS-INTERNET BANKING (Face Expert Bank Identification System for Internet Banking) is a biometric identification system for bank clients who conduct their financial operations through the Internet.




FEBIS-ATM (Face Expert Bank Integrated System Automatic Teller Machine) is a biometric identification system for credit and debit card holders based on facial recognition. FEBIS-ATM provides highly reliable protection against unauthorised use of credit and debit cards in cash machines and prevents frauds that involve cash machines.

FEBIS-ATM is a unique hardware-software unit that can be easily integrated with other information systems employed by cash machines (authorisation systems, video surveillance). The system does not require the installation of special equipment. A standard digital camera is required for card holder identification to be conducted.


During the authorisation process, the system takes a photo of the card holder and transforms it into biometric data. Then, in real-time mode, it compares the biometric data with the data saved on the card's chip and the data of the bank's central server in order to provide instantaneous and accurate identification of the card holder. Afterwards, the system automatically makes a decision to grant or refuse access to any card cash operations. If the biometric data of the card presenter does not match the biometric data of the card owner, tne bank's operational security group automatically receives an alarm about the unauthorised attempt to use the credit/debit card and decides on further action. The FEBIS-ATM system enables the formation of an event journal and automatically conducts event analysis, for example, in the case of an unauthorised attempt to use a card using various cash machines by the same person, the system automatically in real-time mode forms an identification signal list of the card presenter.

Biometric system principle of operation.


The FEBIS-ATM biometric identification system enables:
  1. User identification during the process of authorisation (real-time mode).
  2. Creation of a unified security system of financial data of credit and debit card owners against fraudsters.
  3. Automatically form and receive statistical data about events.


Human biometric data is unique, it cannot be stolen or shared with another person as can happen with PIN codes or credit/debit cards. Implementation and use of the FEBIS-ATM facial recognition system provides highly effective protection of card owner finances and confidential data against the following types of fraud:
  • unauthorised financial operations using lost and/or stolen cards and PIN codes which many inexperienced card owners write down on a card or store the PIN code together with the card;
  • fraud based on trust – the card or its duplicate can be used by a fraudster without the permission of the card owner;
  • "Lebanese loop";
  • installation of additional devices that allow the reading of a card's magnetic stripe and save or shoot on video the numerical combinations typed on the cash machine keyboard.

This list is not exhaustive. However, the use of the FEBIS-ATM biometric identification system of credit and debit card holders makes the unauthorised use of a card or it's duplicate to withdraw cash using cash machines impossible.



The technical characteristics were based on a Pentium IV / 2.8 GHz / 2 Gb RAM processor using MS Windows 2000/XP.
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