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is designed to form and store a database of those wanted by law enforcement agencies and for the identification of citizens...



system for law enforcement authorities intended for prompt identification of a person made by way of remote access to a central server from any type of officers work places.



system is intended for video surveillance in crowded places.


Facial identification of citizens applying for national ID’s and passports to reveal individuals wanted by the authorities.



is a automated information storage and retrieval system for detection of persons using forged passports or visas.

Asia Software Partnership Program

The core business direction of Asia Software is the development, implementation and technical support of highly reliable, fast and accurate biometric security systems and automated workflow for state, commercial, private and public use. This also represents the main reason for the business▓ success in global markets.

The creation of mutually beneficial biometric alliances and the ability to enlist support from strategic partners outside Kazakhstan enables Asia Software to develop world class information technology and expand the scope of the biometric market through the introduction of high quality biometric products into people's everyday lives.

Asia Software would like to extend an invitation of various levels of business partnerships to all interested parties including:

  • Developers. The main product developed by Asia Software is FRS SDK. This developer's kit can be acquired on short lead time and used by programmers for the development of search and retrieval systems based on facial recognition technology. Customer will acquire licenses based on the size of the data base and the quantity of clients end points connected to the data base. The developer provides all the necessary information and technical support required in order to build the system. Training is offered where necessary.

  • Integrators. Asia Software offers FRS SDK as well as an entire spectrum of systems based on the developer's kit. Asia Software has extensive experience in state tenders participation and we are happy to provide advice and consultancy in the preparation of bids and the presentation of competitive offers. Asia Software is ready to collaborate with integrators in the preparation of the entire project development work.

  • Partners. Asia Software is always open to new collaborative ventures. We are ready to discuss your proposals and to create new joint projects including the creation of new applications based on FRS SDK. Moreover, partners are invited to represent Asia Software interests in particular territories or regions. In order to establish such rights, we offer an immediate letter of authorisation followed by a formal contract.

  • Distributors and Final Customers. Asia Software invites all interested distributors and final users (private and commercial sector) to discuss their specific requirements.

A partnership with Asia Software means not only such incentives as innovative solutions and the ability to widen your product range and enter new markets but also the provision of access to professional services, transparency of operations and mutually beneficial, trustworthy relations. Flexibility and a universal attitude towards each business proposal is the firmly held belief of Asia Software's team whilst negotiating and executing it's partnership program.

If you have any questions, proposals or requests for any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact:

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