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Asia Software was founded in 2000.
Asia Software is a developer and integrator of the facial recognition technology.

Today, the main objective of Asia Software's activity is the advancement of facial recognition systems for law enforcement agencies and security services. A range of systems was created especially for the Ministries of Internal Affaires of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation. Nowadays, these systems are meaningful in the practice of the work of law enforcement agencies of different countries.


frs sdk From the day of foundation of Asia Software, the biometric technology of facial recognition started being developed. The main functions of the facial recognition technology developed by Asia Software, are presented in the developer’s kit FRS SDK.

FRS SDK is the basis for a series of highly reliable biometric systems.



СОВА SOVA (Obraz++):
Sova is an automated information storage and retrieval system of facial recognition for law enforcement agencies.
Видеопоток Videostream:
The system is intended for a video surveillance in public places with the function of the biometric identification of all faces captured by a video camera against databses.
Фотосистем Photosystem:
The systems is a hardware-software unit for facial recognition of citizens applied to issue ID cards or passports intended for identification of wanted criminals.
Консул Consul:
The system implements a set of security measures related to the identification of criminals and terrorists and the prevention of use of forged documents at the moment of visa procurement in consular sections.
Граница Checkpoint:
It is an automated information storage and retrieval system for the operational identification of persons that are of interest to the law enforcement bodies at the moment when they pass through border check points.
Мигрант Migrant:
It is a specialized migration flow control biometric information system which forms a complete, reliable, automated personal record of all foreign citizens or stateless persons.
Идентификация Identification:
It is a system which is intended for checks of suspects against existing databases.


FEBIS System FEBIS System:
Face Expert Bank Integrated System (FEBIS©) is a multifunctional biometric system for bank client and employee identification based on innovative facial recognition technology.
FEBIS Credit FEBIS Credit:
It is a special software to be used in credit departments of a bank.
The biometric facial recognition system for holders of credit cards.
FEBIS Internet Banking FEBIS Internet Banking:
The biometric identification system for clients applied to a bank through Internet.
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